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September 6, 2016

Directors Notes

Broken Arrow Bands depends on money raised from concessions to fund the program at every level, from buying music for middle school programs to repairing instruments for the high school and much more. We also pride ourselves on running top-notch contests when we are given the opportunity to host them. Our success in these areas lies with YOU, the band parents and supporters who help us with your volunteer hours. Right now, we need you more than ever.

Next Friday, Broken Arrow hosts Owasso. We need 60 people to work concessions. We currently have 11. We need 20 for cleanup. We have five.

Every volunteering opportunity will not put you in direct contact with the kids. In fact, most won’t. But they are just as important if not more so, and we make every opportunity to make sure you get a chance to see the Pride perform when possible. Our program is built off the work of our volunteers, and we cannot be successful without you. Please consider signing up for concessions this season or to volunteer at BAI and OBA at the links below.

Concessions: Sign up to work concessions at football games here. Follow the link and select the games you can work. To sign up to work concessions at special events like BAI or OBA, use the links above. CLICK HERE to get your FREE food handlers card.

Stadium cleanup: Follow this link to sign up and select the games you can work. Stadium cleanup allows you to earn money for your child’s trip account. You usually can volunteer in other capacities during an event and then be available to work cleanup afterward. If you’d like more information, email James and Tiffany Royal at

BAI - October 15th (all day) - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR BAI
Please sign up by September 28th to reserve an event shirt for BAI. Remember the Pride performs in exhibition at the end of the night. All volunteers should be able to break away and watch the kids perform.

OBA - October 29th (all day) - CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OBA

Pride Schedule for This Week

  Horn Line, Percussion, Drum Major & Crew Schedule
    Mon 9/5 - OFF
    Tues 9/6 - 3:20 - 6:30
    Wed 9/7 - 3:30 - 6:00
    Thurs 9/8 - 5:00 - 9:00
    Fri 9/9 - 3:20 - 11:00  (Dinner Provided / Owasso Football Game)
    Sat 9/10 - 9:00-3:00 AND 7:30-8:30 for Rose Parade Event at Central on Main in Uniform

  Color Guard Schedule
    Mon 9/5 - OFF
    Tues 9/6 - 3:20 - 6:30
    Wed 9/7 - 3:30 - 6:00
    Thurs 9/8 - 5:00 - 9:00
    Fri 9/9 - 3:20 - 11:00  (Dinner Provided / Owasso Football Game)
    Sat 9/10 - 9:00-3:00

Rose Parade President in Broken Arrow This Week
We are honored to host the President of the Pasadena Tournament of Roses in Broken Arrow later this week. The Official Visit by the Tournament of Roses President includes many events to celebrate the Broken Arrow Pride’s upcoming appearance in 2017 Rose Parade. Among these events include the presentation of the Official Rose Parade Flag symbolically representing the Rose Parade’s invitation for the Pride to appear in this year’s Rose Parade AND the Moonlight and Roses event at Central on Main this Saturday night. I know that all of our Broken Arrow Pride family will go above and beyond to welcome our special guests to Broken Arrow!

Pride Performance for the Roseo Parade President on Saturday night
The entire drumline and all Veteran hornline members of the Pride will provide entertainment at the conclusion of Moonlight and Roses. These Pride members will perform selected Pep Band music at the Central On Main Ballroom, which is located on Main Street at College. Pride members will perform in Full Uniform (no shako needed) and meet in the main lobby of Central on Main by 7:30pm. This Pride pep band will perform WITH Rose Parade President Brad Ratliff (trumpet player)! The approximate completion of this event will be at 8:30pm. Members will be responsible to transport themselves and their equipment in full uniform to Central on Main.

2006 Aqua Pride Reunion - September 23
It’s time to celebrate an amazing milestone in the history of the Pride of Broken Arrow! At halftime of the Homecoming Football game on September 23rd we will honor the members of the Aqua 2006 Grand National Champion! It’s hard to believe that 10 years have passed since Broken Arrow won its First Grand National Championship! All members of 2006 Aqua Pride are cordially invited to join us in Broken Arrow on September 23rd. Events will include: halftime recognition of the 10 year anniversary of the 2006 Grand National Championship, Join the current Pride in the Band Stand for the 2nd half of the football game, and a post game reception with a viewing of the 2006 Aqua performance from Grand National Finals! … More info to Come….

Next Band Parent Meeting - Steptember 13
The next meeting of Broken Arrow Band Parents Association will be at 7:00pm on September 13 in the BAHS Band Hall.

Pride and Concert Band Instrument User Fees due September 9
All Pride members that play a school owned instrument must submit their $35 Instrument User Fee no later than this Friday. All User Fees not submitted by Friday will have that charge deducted from the member's Student Account.

2016 Pride Payment Schedule:
Feb / Mar $250
May $250
June $400

July $400
August $400
September $400
October $400
November $400
December $450  REDUCED to $100 based on current GROUP - Davis' apologies for the miscommunication
Fundraising efforts Total $3350  REDUCED to $3000

Attendance Communication -
All members must communicate all Pride absences by emailing Please remember that ALL rehearsal and performances are mandatory beginning July 25.  ALL absences must be communicated in advance.  Members must provide a doctors note to be considered for an excused absence.

WE NEED YOU! Our first home game is approaching fast and our concession stand is in dire need of volunteers. Please use this link to sign up! All proceeds benefit the BA Band Program from grades 6th-12th.

FAN BUS TO ST. LOUIS SUPER REGIONALS: Javon Sixsmith will be organizing a charter bus for family and friends of the Pride to St. Louis. PLEASE email again if you previously emailed but have not heard from Javon. There was a typo in the email address given out at the rookie meeting. This is not a school or band parent organization-sponsored event, so please direct all questions directly to Javon at or you can call or text 918-814-0100.


First Game Reminders
SEE LINK BELOW UNDER CONCESSIONS. WE NEED HELP. Do NOT assume someone else is doing it!!!!!!!!!

  • You are responsible for tracking and submitting your own volunteer hours, except for large events, where you sign-in. If you are unsure as to whether or not your hours are tracked at a certain activity, ask the coordinator. CHARMS is used to not only check your students account balance, but is also where we track our volunteer hours. It is also important to update your family information in Charms. For directions on how to do both click HERE.
  • Special Diets/Medical Conditions. If your student has special dietary considerations or medical conditions that you wish us to be aware of, please fill out the form at this Link.


Cori Aschkenas -

Pasta Fundraiser
Online orders can continue to be sold through mid-September (estimated end date is September 23 for online sales); please remember that your customers need to include your Pride member name in the message section at checkout for the Pride member to receive credit. The website for online orders is

Imperial Coffee Fundraiser
This will begin on September 13 at the band parent meeting. We will have samples at the meeting that night. This is freshly ground gourmet coffee in bags and Keurig cups offered in several types. More information on this next week...

Amish Bakery Fundraiser
This will begin on September 13 at the band parent meeting. We will offer the full product line. More information on this next week as well.

NEW Rustic Cuff Fundraiser
There are two.

1- Mass or Group Order form - click here. All orders placed on this order form will be hand delivered by the student or parent.

2-Individual or Shipping Order form - click here. All orders placed on this form MUST be shipped. $5 needs to be added for shipping for each form.

Other rules:
This is a mandatory fundraiser for everyone who has not already sold a total 10 Rustic Cuffs. If you only sold 5 last time, you need to sell 5 this time.

If you sold 10 last time you don’t need to do this fundraiser. If you sold/sell 10 cuffs between the two fundraisers and take additional orders, the profit from the additional orders will be credited towards your child’s trip account.

Profit: Emerson and Erin profit is $10 each. The gold or silver cuff profit is $20.

Paypal - details are on the Individual order form. Please mark the order paid via paypal so we can cross reference. REMEMBER IF SOMEONE PAYS USING PAYPAL AND THE ORDER IS PLACED ON THE INDIVIDUAL ORDER FORM YOU MUST ADD $5 TO SHIP.


Questions need to be directed to Cori Aschkenas at

We send out updates often regarding fundraisers specifically. If you would like to be added to this email list, please let us know by emailing and asking to be added to the list.

Cori Aschkenas -

Duffle Bags
We have found the extra duffle bags! If you would still like to purchase a duffle we will have at least 10 available for purchase, first come first serve, at the September band parent meeting. I am sorry for any inconvenience from not having these at the previous pick-up opportunity.

ORDER FORMS DUE ON SEPTEMBER 13TH - Show Shirts, Show Buttons, and GOBA Shirt order forms need to get turned into the band office. For order forms CLICK HERE!

We will be placing orders for Car Decals, Luggage Tags and Dog Tags after the September band parent meeting. Please get your orders in by September 13th.

Pride Jacket
Order by August 31st to receive jacket before State Championship on October 29th. Order by October 31st to receive jacket before Christmas. Total price with tax is $235.27. $50 deposit required at time of order. Balance due when jacket is picked up. The price includes the jacket with graduation year on sleeve, BA Pride logo on back, student name and instrument on right chest, BA letter sewn on after student receives it from their Director. Jackets ordered at Yvonne’s Monograms & Embroidery, Inc. located at 7844 S Elm Place, Broken Arrow, OK 74011. Closest intersection is 131st and Elm. Hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday. Phone 918-451-1902. It is a good idea to take your student to Yvonne’s to get sized for their jacket. There are jackets there they can try on before you order.


Ticket sales are now closed for the Gala. We had a great outpouring of support and it is going to be a FANTASTIC night! The details are below for those of you who are planning to attend.

Moonlight & Roses will be held in the Rose District at Central on Main St.
Saturday, Sept. 10th
Doors open at 6:30, Dinner served at 7:00
Dinner, Music, Comedy, & Silent Auction
Cupcake Reception to follow at Centennial Park with a Pep Band
$750 Table Sponsorship for 8 Guests
Cocktail Attire

Under the direction of the Pride Leadership (once announced) each section will be responsible for creating a themed basket for the Silent Auction. THESE NEED TO BE TURNED IN NO LATER THAN SEPTEMBER 6TH.  Please email Amanda Ensley with the theme of your basic and make arrangements to drop it off to her PRIOR to the 6th.  Her email is  We are also looking for other donations to the silent auction as well. If you have connections with travel agent, vacation rental, or business that might donate an item for the auction please contact Marci at

Some parents have indicated that the postcards have not reached some of their friends and family. We have been working with the post office to correct delivery errors. There are also some cards that have come back undeliverable due to lack of forwarding address. I will compile a list and attach it to the next issue of eNews.

IF YOU HAVE ANY CONCERN THAT YOUR POSTCARDS HAVE NOT BEEN DELIVERED Please email your friends and family a link to the YouTube GoSupportMe video.

There are still some postcards left over. They will be available at the September Band Parent Meeting. If you did not submit your names or if you have additional people you would like to send them to, you are welcome to pick them up then.


Our 3rd Annual Run with the Pride will be Saturday, November 12th. It will be a 20K Relay, 5K, & 1 mile Fun Run. Every member will be required to sign up 5 runners for the event, so start talking to friends and family. Pride Students are required to run the event, but they do not have to pay the registration fee. Even Mr. Davis will be running, and he is NOT a runner. :) This has always been a fun event for the kids and the community. We are really looking forward to it.


Only a month to go, we need volunteers to sign up now for all 3 events. BAI and OBA will take 120-140 volunteers to run each show Please sign up ASAP so that we can schedule and see where we need more help.

BAI - October 15th (all day) - CLICK HERE
Please sign up by September 28th to reserve an event shirt for BAI.  Remember the Pride performs in exhibition at the end of the night.  All volunteers should be able to break away and watch the kids perform.

OSSAA - October 26th (school day) - CLICK HERE
Need folks who can be there during the school day for this to help out

OBA - October 29th (all day) - CLICK HERE
Need all hands to help run OBA State contest.  Please step up and volunteer. 

Please only fill out the form once. We will not be signing anyone up at the meetings or through email. Everyone must fill out a form for each event.

To be put on the email list for Special Events this year, please email us a  If you have any questions feel free to email us at the same address.


Email anytime.

WE NEED VOLUNTEERS… THIS FRIDAY night is our first home football game. We need 40 more volunteers to make Friday night concessions a great success!!  If everyone would pick at least 2 events to work (one of those being a varsity game) we would have it covered!!! Please sign up HERE you will have a great time!!!

To volunteer in concessions for the following events click the link and mark concessions
BAI - October 15th (all day) - CLICK HERE
OSSAA - October 26th (school day) - CLICK HERE
OBA - October 29th (all day) - CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE to get your free food handlers card.

Ky and Michiele Vargas -

If you have a contact at a company that might be interested in sponsoring the Pride, let us know!

CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOR BA BANDS E-MAILS! Please check your Spam or Junk mail folder for emails from any BA Bands email addresses. These include but are not limited to:;;;;; and

If you see any of these emails in your Junk or Spam folder, add the email address for those emails to your contact list. That should ensure you receive future emails correctly. If you wish to be removed from any of these mailing lists, send a message to the appropriate address and ask to be removed.

If you continue to have problems, email James Royal at for help.

Upcoming Dates and Events
Sept 9 - Game: BA vs Owasso - Rose Parade President to present at halftime
Sept 10 - Pride Rehearsal (9:00-3:00)
                Pride Drum Line & All Veteran Horn Line perform at Central on Main in Full Uniform -
Sept 17 - Pride Saturday Rehearsal - Time TBA
Sept 22 - Homecoming Parade and Pride Rehearsal
Sept 23 - Game: BA vs Yukon - Homecoming
                2006 Aqua Reunion!
Sept 30 - Game: BA at Jenks
Oct 1 - Pride Saturday Rehearsal & Dress Rehearsal Performance - Time TBA
Oct 7 - Game: BA vs Westmoore - MS Band Night with the Pride
Oct 8 - Pride Saturday Rehearsal & Dress Rehearsal Performance - Time TBA
Oct 15 - BAI - Broken Arrow Invitational Band Contest
Oct 19 - WW Choreography (9:00-10:30)
              Brass Choreography (10:30-12:00)
              Pride Rehearsal (12:00-5:00)
Oct 20 - WW Choreography (9:00-11:00)
              Brass Choreography (12:00-2:00)
              Pride Rehearsal (4:00-9:00)
Oct 21 - Leave for St. Louis BOA Super Regional
Oct 22 - Perform in prelims at BOA Super Regional (3:45 tenative)
              Perform in finals at BOA Super Regional (should we advance)
Oct 23 - Return to BA from St. Louis
Oct 26 - OSSAA Regional Marching Contest - Broken Arrow HS
Oct 28 - Game: BA vs. Edmond Memorial
Oct 29 - OBA State Marching Championship - Broken Arrow HS
Nov 1 - Sounds of Stadium Concert - Broken Arrow PAC

Volunteer With BA Bands!

Broken Arrow Public Schools does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, or age in its programs or activities.

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