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November 14, 2016

Directors Notes

Next Band Parent Meeting - November 15
The next meeting of the Broken Arrow Band Parents Association will be at 7:00pm on November 15 in the BAHS Band Hall.  This week's meeting will share info to wrap up the Pride's competitive season AND share info about the upcoming trip to California.

Pride Final Fundraising Push to California!
AS we complete our efforts for group fundraising for the Pride’s historic trip to California for the Rose Parade, I want to remind all of our members, parents and fans of our last group fundraising expectations for all Pride members. Car Raffle: Each Pride member family needs to be responsible for issuing 10 raffle tickets. We are SOOO Close to making our fundraising goals that will help lower these final trip payments for ALL of our Pride family. Let’s all DIG IN for this final push!

Pride Upcoming Rehearsals
  THIS Week Nov 14-19
    Monday 11/14 - Off
    Tuesday 11/15 - ALL Horn line & Perc 3:20-5:30 ALL Color Guard 4:30 - 6:00
    Wednesday 11/16 - Off
    Thursday 11/17 - Off
    Friday 11/18 - Off
    Saturday 11/19 - Off

  Next Week of Nov 21-26
    OFF all week - Happy Thanksgiving!

  Week of Nov 28 - Dec 3
    Monday 11/28 - 3:20 - 5:30
    Wednesday 11/30 - 3:20 - 5:30
    Friday 12/2 - 3:20 - 5:30
    Saturday 12/3 - 9:15 Christmas Parade (report in full uniform to BAPAC Parking lot)

  Week of Dec 5-10
    Tuesday 12/6 -  3:20 - 5:30
    Wednesday 12/7 - 3:20 - 5:30

2016 Pride Payment Schedule
Feb / Mar $250
May $250
June $400
July $400
August $400
September $400
October $400
November $400
December $450 REDUCED to $100 based on current GROUP
Fundraising efforts Total $3350 REDUCED to $3000

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Info
Tickets are available through “Sharp Seating Company” for The Rose Parade and Bandfest. NOTE: Bandfest shows WILL SELL OUT. We encourage our family and friends to purchase their tickets now to assure availability.

Bandfest: The Pride will perform at Bandfest during the 9:30am show on December 31st. Use the following link to redirect to the Bandfest (and Rose Parade) ticket service: BANDFEST TICKETS

Departure / Arrival Info: The Pride will depart on Thursday, December 29 from Tulsa International Airport. All students will meet at the airport with their luggage by 5:30am (depending on actual flight assignment TBD). Students will proceed as a group to check their luggage (no fee) and then move through TSA Security together to board our charter airline. The Pride will arrive in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 4 at approximately 3:00am at Tulsa International Airport (depending on actual flight assignment TBD).

Rough Itinerary Outline:

  • Dec 29 - 7:00am & 8:00am departures from TIA to LAX, Sightseeing in LA (Griffith Observatory, Farmer’s Market, Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood, Beverly Hills), Check in to Hotel
  • Dec 30 - Rehearsal Day, Santa Monica Pier
  • Dec 31 - Bandfest Performance (Morning Show), Photo at Rose Bowl Stadium, Float Viewing, New Year’s Eve Night at the Movies
  • Jan 1 - Disneyland / California Adventure, Parade at Disneyland
  • Jan 2 - Rose Parade, Hollywood Party at Madame Tussauds
  • Jan 3 - Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe, 10:00PM & 11:00PM Charter Air departures from LAX to Tulsa
  • Jan 4 - 3:00am & 4:00am Arrivals at Tulsa International Airport

California Events:
Public Events: (patrons may purchase tickets on their own): Bandfest, Rose Parade, Disneyland/ California Adventure, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, Farmer’s Market

Private Events: LA Sightseeing Bus Tours, Rehearsal, All Preplanned Meals, Hollywood Party at Madame Tussauds, Hard Rock Cafe (NOTE: Madame Tussaud’s may be included in the Grueninger Family & Friends available packages)

BA Christmas Parade and Rehearsals
The BA Christmas Parade is on Saturday, December 3rd. The Pride and Tradition will report by 9:15am TO THE PAC PARKING LOT. Due to construction on Main Street the Christmas Parade route is much different this year. Rehearsals for the Pride and Tradition to prepare for the parade (and All State auditions) are mandatory and will take place on Nov 28, Nov 30 and Dec 2 from 3:30-5:30.

Final Round All State Auditions
Congratulations to all students that were selected for the All District Bands and qualified for the Final Round of the All State Auditions. CLICK HERE for the Final All-District Band List.  The Final Round of All State Auditions will be held on Saturday
, December 3rd at Westmoore HS. CLICK HERE to see who passed onto second round, and CLICK HERE to see the list of 2nd round etudes. More info to come…

  • December 3 - Final Round Auditions for All State at Westmoore HS
  • January 13 & 14 - NBDA All District Band Clinic and Concert at Bartlesville HS
  • January 18-21 - OMEA All State Band Clinic and Concert at Tulsa PAC

Indoor Percussion
It’s time to start the road to Dayton! Indoor Percussion Auditions are this week. Good luck to all students auditioning - This will be a season to remember!
   DRUMLINE AND FRONT ENSEMBLE: Mon, Nov 14th, 3:00-6:00 PM
   VISUAL ENSEMBLE: Tues, Nov 15th, 6:00-7:30 PM
   PARENT MEETING FOR ALL 2017 MEMBERS: Thurs, Nov 17th 7:00PM (Uniform Sizings to follow)

Good luck to all students auditioning!  This season will be one to remember!

Midwest Clinic
5 weeks until Midwest! The time is approaching quickly, so please make sure you are on top of your trip payments. As a reminder, the following is the pay schedule regarding the Midwest trip (payments are due at the end of each month.

September: $400
October: $400
November: $400

AFTER-SCHOOL REHEARSAL SCHEDULE FOR THE WEEK OF 11/14 (Rehearsal times still subject to change):
  Wednesday, November 16th: 3:00-5:30PM
  Thursday, November 17th: 3:00-7:00PM (w/ Guest Artist)
  Friday, November 18th: 3:00-7:00PM (w/ Guest Artist)
  Saturday, November 19th: 9:00AM-12:00PM (w/ Guest Artist)

  Monday, November 21st: 3:00-5:00PM
  Tuesday, November 22nd: 3:00-5:00PM

Upcoming Wind Band Concerts
November 29 - HS Chamber Ensemble Concert - 7:00pm
December 1 - Freshman Fine Arts Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
December 8 - Freshman Academy Band Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
December 9 - HS Band Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
December 10 - Midwest Clinic Send Off Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC

There is a bin of lost and found items in the hall by the tubas. Please be sure you check it for anything that might belong to you. In a week or so anything left will be donated or thrown away.

Thank you to all those that volunteered this fall.  Watch here for more opportunities as we get close to leaving for California! 

For directions on how to update your family information and to enter volunteer hours in Charms, CLICK HERE.


Cori Aschkenas -

NAME RING FUNDRAISER - This fundraiser is due back Tuesday. No late orders, so that we can get the orders turned in quickly and delivered back before winter break (please remember to include your contact information when you turn your orders in so that we can reach you for pickup when the rings arrive). You may turn the orders in to the payment locker outside the orchestra room, to Mrs. Good in the band office, or to Debbie at the fundraising table the night of the band parent meeting. Remember, for every 10 rings sold, the Pride member will receive 1 bonus ring; there is a place on the order forms for that.

CHOCOLATE FUNDRAISER - We have chocolate bars and chocolate covered almonds available for purchase at the meeting. It will be available on a first come, first serve basis beginning at 6:15pm. At this time, we do not have plans to order any more chocolate this year.

IMPERIAL COFFEE FUNDRAISER - This fundraiser has come in and been passed out. We have two orders that have not been picked up because we have not been able to reach the families that ordered. If you have not received your coffee fundraiser yet, please come to the meeting Tuesday evening; it will be available for pickup at 6:15 at the fundraising table.

Sheri Sharp -

Pride Store at Parent Meeting this Tuesday! - We will have the Pride Store open before and after the Parent Meeting on November 15. We will open at 6PM, be closed for the meeting at 7PM, and open again when the meeting is over.

This will be the last chance to place any remaining pre-orders for these Pride Store Items:
Street Signs
Ornaments - not guaranteed before Christmas
Car Decals
Luggage and Dog Tags
Portraits (for the button picture shots with a red background)
Rose Parade Buttons

Note: Portraits of Fierce shots and Guard Shots in uniform may be purchased through Dotphoto.

Rose Parade Gear - Lots of Rose Parade Gear will be available for purchase on Tuesday:*New Shipment of Hoodies and T-Shirts (Hoodies/T-shirts will be sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. We likely will not be ordering any more. Please get to the store early to get your items!)
*Car Flags

New Items in Store - We have *new items* you may interested in purchasing on Tuesday! Some for Rose Parade, others make great gifts:
* Rose Parade Car Flags
* Pride of Broken Arrow ear buds
* Rose Parade Photo Buttons - Order forms will be available at this Tuesday’s meeting. These are just like show buttons with your band member’s photo but with the Rose Parade Logo.
*Due to high demand, a new shipment of GoBA shirts are in. We will have them Tuesday for purchase!

Pre-Orders to Pick Up - We have several pre-orders that need to be picked up. Many of these were available for pick up weeks ago, so please plan to pick up your existing orders at the Pride Store on Tuesday. These might include tags, show shirts, GoBA shirts, some decals, and zip up hoodies.

Please email Sheri Sharp at if you have any questions!


We need full participation in the car raffle! Every member needs to issue at least 10 raffle tickets. If you have not yet checked out tickets PLEASE READ BELOW for full details on why and how and when to do so.

*You do NOT need to pay for these up front.

*Students or parents can check out their tickets.


ANYONE HAVING TROUPLE FINDING PEOPLE TO DONATE FOR A RAFFLE TICKET SHOULD SIGN UP BY CLICKING HERE.  We have times set aside at area Wal-Marts for you to work.  Complete details are on he signup genius.

Because $5 of every donation goes to your individual account. The remaining proceeds will go to the group fundraising and will also be equally applied to each of your accounts. THE TOP 3 STUDENTS who issue the most ticket will get an additional $500, $250, & $150 applied to their accounts if we reach our minimum goal.

WHO NEEDS TO ISSUE TICKETS? Mr. Davis has told all of the members that they are expected to issue at least 10 tickets.

HOW DO YOU DO THIS? Students & parents can check out tickets (NO MONEY UP FRONT) at the designated times and locations shown below. Social media has been an easy way to gain interest in your tickets.  It is best to share the Official BA Bands posts on social media to make sure we are in compliance. You CANNOT use words like “selling” & “buying” or any version of those words. We suggest just you Share the post and simply state in your post “We have tickets! Let me know if you are interested”. If anyone asks “how much are they” simply reply “$20 voluntary contribution."  Full instructions are included in your raffle packet when you check them out.

WHEN CAN YOU GET TICKETS & TURN IN MONEY? Here are a list of times and dates you can check out tickets and turn in money:

  • Nov. 15th - 6:00pm: In the band hall before the parent meeting.
  • Nov 16th - 7:45am-9:00am: Outside Mrs. Good's office
  • Nov 17th - 6:30pm-7:30pm: In the Fine Arts Parking Lot (NW parking near the guard gate)

PLEASE TURN IN MONEY AND RAFFLE TICKET STUBS WITH COMPLETED PAPERWORK AS SOON AS YOU HAVE ISSUED ALL 10 TICKETS.  Feel free to check out more tickets each time you run out!  Turn in tickets to Marci and Carrie at the above mentioned dates and times.  or email


CLICK HERE to read the Official Rules & Regulations.

Thank you to all who attended as runners and volunteers!  The event was a great success!


Thanks everyone for your help this year!  Keep your eyes out for potential volunteer opportunities after the first of the year!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Thanks to all current and alumni OPS members for all their help and assistance this season.  We could not have survived Octoberpalooza without your assistance!

Email anytime.

THANK YOU everyone for making the concessions a great and successful season! Thank you to all the volunteers this season we couldn't have done it without you!

Stay tuned to e-news for updates for playoffs. We may have playoff games at BA Stadium and we will need volunteers if we do. We will send out a request if we are selected as a host site!

CLICK HERE to get your free food handlers card.

Ky and Michiele Vargas -

Middle school band concerts are coming up soon.  We are looking for volunteers to help man a table at each middle school concert.  If you are willing to help out at a middle school, let us know!

If you have a contact at a company that might be interested in sponsoring the Pride, let us know!

CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOR BA BANDS E-MAILS! Please check your Spam or Junk mail folder for emails from any BA Bands email addresses. These include but are not limited to:;;;;; and

If you see any of these emails in your Junk or Spam folder, add the email address for those emails to your contact list. That should ensure you receive future emails correctly. If you wish to be removed from any of these mailing lists, send a message to the appropriate address and ask to be removed.

If you continue to have problems, email James Royal at for help.

Upcoming Dates and Events
Nov 15 - Pride Rehearsal
               Band Parent Meeting - 7:00PM
Nov 28 - Pride & Tradition Rehearsal
Nov 29 - HS Chamber Ensemble Concert
Nov 30 - Pride & Tradition Rehearsal
Dec 1 - Freshmen Fine Arts Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
Dec 2 - Pride & Tradition Rehearsal / Football Playoff Game - TBD
Dec 3 - All State Auditions / BA Christmas Parade
Dec 6 - Pride Rehearsal
Dec 7 - Pride Rehearsal
Dec 8 - Freshmen Academy Band Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
Dec 9 - HS Band Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
Dec 10 - Midwest Clinic Preview Concert - 7:00pm - BAPAC
Dec 20 - Pride Rehearsal
Dec 21 - Pride Rehearsal / Load Semi Trailer for California
Dec 29 - Leave for California!

Volunteer With BA Bands!

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