BA Bands Special Edition eNews - 12/1/16

Pride Final Payment / Group Effort Fundraising Cost Reduction

We have made it to the finish line of our group fundraising to help all Pride members offset the final cost of their trip to California for the Rose Parade. With all proceeds from all fundraisers tallied (including the Car Raffle), the final cost reduction for the entire season will be a total of $500 reduced from each members Pride Account ($350 in previous reductions plus a new additional $150 in reductions). Pride members will see this cost reduction applied to Charms account when you login to review your account and new final payment amount. Final payments are now past due. Please make final payments via Charms or by making a payment in the Band Office during normal school business hours (8:00-4:00).

  Pride Fees Include:
  $3350 Pride All-Inclusive fee as of May 2016
  $500 Total Pride Group Fundraising Cost Reduction
  $2850 NEW Total fee as of Dec 1, 2016

  Additional fees include (as applicable):
  $300 Color Guard Fee (Age of Discovery Costume - helmet not included, New Guard jacket, Parade
  shoes, Instructional fees)

New Pride Uniform Sizings
The Pride’s NEW Uniforms are in the process of arriving and look spectacular! Currently, Pride members have been fitted for new jumpsuit pants and additional sizings will be announced once our final deliveries of uniforms arrive! NOTE: The new uniform requires each hornline student to provide 2 pairs of gloves - a WHITE Glove on their right hand AND a BLACK Glove on their left hand. It is suggested the Pride members use the “unused gloves” for their practice gloves. All hornline members should contact the uniform committee to purchase additional gloves.

Broken Arrow Christmas Parade
All Pride and Tradition members not auditioning for All State will report to the Broken Arrow Christmas Parade this Saturday by 9:15am. The location to report is the parking lot just EAST of the First United Methodist Church (That’s one block EAST of Main Street & College). The Parade begins at 10:00am.

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