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December 11, 2016

Directors Notes

Pride Final Payment PAST DUE
Final payments are now past due. Please make final payments via Charms or by making a payment in the Band Office during normal school business hours (8:00-4:00).

  Pride Fees Include:
  $3350 Pride All-Inclusive fee as of May 2016
  $500 Total Pride Group Fundraising Cost Reduction
  $2850 NEW Total fee as of Dec 1, 2016

  Additional fees include (as applicable):
  $300 Color Guard Fee (Age of Discovery Costume - helmet not included, New Guard jacket, Parade
  shoes, Instructional fees)

Pride Upcoming Rehearsals
  Week of Dec 11-16
Off all Week

  Week of Dec 18-23
Monday, 12/19 -
    Tuesday, 12/20 - 3:20 - 6:00  (All Pride)
                                       6:30pm - TENTATIVE Uniform Performance - Weather Permitting
                                       7:00pm - IMPORTANT Band Parent / Rose Parade Trip Meeting
    Wednesday, 12/21 - 9:00 - 12:00  (All Pride) (Load Semi Trailer after Rehearsal)

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Info
Tickets are available through “Sharp Seating Company” for The Rose Parade and Bandfest. NOTE: Bandfest shows WILL SELL OUT. We encourage our family and friends to purchase their tickets now to assure availability.

Bandfest: The Pride will perform at Bandfest during the 9:30am show on December 31st. Use the following link to redirect to the Bandfest (and Rose Parade) ticket service: BANDFEST TICKETS

Departure / Arrival Info: The Pride will depart on Thursday, December 29 from Tulsa International Airport. All students will meet at the airport with their luggage by 5:30am (depending on actual flight assignment TBD). Students will proceed as a group to check their luggage (no fee) and then move through TSA Security together to board our charter airline. The Pride will arrive in Tulsa on Wednesday, January 4 at approximately 3:00am at Tulsa International Airport (depending on actual flight assignment TBD).


  • Dec 29 - 7:00am & 8:00am departures from TIA to LAX, Sightseeing in LA (Griffith Observatory, Farmer’s Market, Disney Concert Hall, Hollywood, Beverly Hills), Check in to Hotel
  • Dec 30 - Rehearsal Day, Santa Monica Pier, Tentative Free Family & Friends Performance with BOA Honor Band
  • Dec 31 - Bandfest Performance (Morning Show), Photo at Rose Bowl Stadium, Float Viewing, New Year’s Eve Night at the Movies
  • Jan 1 - Disneyland / California Adventure, Parade at Disneyland
  • Jan 2 - Rose Parade, Hollywood Party at Madame Tussauds
  • Jan 3 - Universal Studios, Hard Rock Cafe, 10:00PM & 11:00PM Charter Air departures from LAX to Tulsa
  • Jan 4 - 3:00am & 4:00am Arrivals at Tulsa International Airport

California Events:
Public Events: (patrons may purchase tickets on their own): Bandfest, Rose Parade, Disneyland/ California Adventure, Universal Studios, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, Farmer’s Market, Tentative Free Family & Friends Performance with the BOA Honor Band

Private Events: LA Sightseeing Bus Tours, Rehearsal, All Preplanned Meals, Hollywood Party at Madame Tussauds, Hard Rock Cafe (NOTE: Madame Tussaud’s may be included in the Grueninger Family & Friends available packages)

BAHS Percussion Ensemble - Midwest Clinic Trip
This is an exciting time for the High School Percussion Ensemble as they finish their preparations for the Midwest Clinic. These members have worked as hard than any group in the history of our storied band program. The staff is extremely proud of the efforts and determination of these fine musicians. In the past weeks, some of the most talented and well-known educators from across the country have come to Broken Arrow to teach and work with our students. Each of these master musicians have left Broken Arrow with an extreme appreciation for these great students and program.

There will be a parent meeting for all students and parents who are planning on traveling to Chicago for the Midwest trip on Monday, December 12th at 7:30 PM in the BAHS Band Room. All pertinent details regarding the Midwest trip as well as guest passes will be distributed. The final trip Midwest trip itinerary will also be posted by mid week to the Broken Arrow Bands website at

Here is a snapshot look into the schedule the week of Midwest:
- December 12 - Parent/Student Trip Meeting (BAHS Band Room- 7:30pm)
- December 14 - Fly to Chicago, Rehearse, Shopping on Michigan Avenue
- December 15 - Shopping on Michigan Avenue, Midwest Clinic Conference/Rehearse, Blue Man Group
- December 16 - Midwest Clinic Conference, Midwest Clinic Concert at McCormick Place (1:30pm), Chicago Bulls Game
- December 17- Fly to Tulsa

E-Jazz Band Auditions
Auditions for the 2016-17 E-Jazz Band will be held at BAHS on Monday, December 19th from 3:15-5:00 PM. Auditions are open to all band members grades 9-12; rhythm section members (drums, guitar, bass guitar, piano) are open to all fine arts members. Audition materials are available in the BAHS and Freshman Academy band room(s).

From the Finance Office:
New Transfer Feature in Charms: When you log in to view the finances section there is a button on the top bar to make a transfer request. This automatically generates an email to Mrs. Good for direction to move funds from the miscellaneous ledger. PLEASE MAKE SURE EMAIL ADDRESSES ARE CURRENT IN YOUR CHARMS ACCOUNT. If there is no email for you in Charms you will not get group mails, including statements and other useful information and announcements. If you have any questions, email Mrs. Good -


CHICAGO: Any percussion ensemble student traveling to Chicago must turn in their medication on MONDAY, Dec. 12th.

CALIFORNIA: You can turn in medications for our trip to California beginning tomorrow and we will accept them through Wed, Dec. 21st. Please make sure they are labeled correctly and in the appropriate container. Only send the exact amount needed for the trip.

Uniforms: The uniform moms will be in the uniform room everyday this week from 4 until 6. If you are hornline and percussion and were unable to be sized last week in your full uniform AND ALL color guard need to stop by one day during these times. Color guard Vets need to bring in their arm and leg bands and newbies need to be sized.

For directions on how to update your family information and to enter volunteer hours in Charms, CLICK HERE.


Cori Aschkenas -

XTREME RACING EVENT! This has been pushed to January. We are really excited about this EVENT! YES, this is going to be a huge party event and we needed some extra time to put it together. We are looking to celebrate the season with go cart racing in mid January! More details to come!

RUSTIC CUFF PICK UP #6- If you have not picked up your cuffs, please contact Cori Aschkenas at

EXTRA RUSTIC CUFFS - WE HAVE EXTRA CUFFS! If you are looking for the Rose-gold, Black, or White from last fundraiser OR the Red, Rose Parade, or Tiger cuffs from this fundraiser, we have extras! These will be available at the band parent meeting on the 20th. Please reserve yours NOW by reaching out to Cori at

Sheri Sharp -

We are working to get ornament, street signs, portraits, and decal orders completed by the band parent meeting on the 20th!

PORTRAITS- Are you interested in creating a poster of your child to celebrate their time in BA Bands? Imagine being able to select events like Mid West Clinic, Indoor Percussion 2015, or Utopia, Face Me, Orchid or Age of Discovery to CUSTOM MAKE a poster of your child. The photography team is working on setting up actual portrait sessions in early 2017 so pictures can be taken of your child with or without a go-cart, in the new uniforms, FIERCE shots and more! Stay tuned for more details!


What a whirlwind year of fundraising it’s been! I want to thank all of the parents who stepped up and took the lead on one of our MANY fundraisers. It was the joint efforts of all the parents and members who organized and participated in our fundraising that made it such a success. As a group we all benefitted in a $500 reduction of our overall cost. And those who participated in postcards, GoSupportMe Video share, sold chocolate, coffee, jam, & wreaths, and went above and beyond selling Rustic Cuffs were able to benefit WELL beyond that $500. We have students who had their entire accounts funded through their efforts. We even have students who had additional funds in their accounts and they donated it to a friend who needs assistance with their account. As a Pride family we knocked this one out of the park! Thank you does not convey the magnitude of my gratitude.


Thanks everyone for your help this year!  Keep your eyes out for potential volunteer opportunities after the first of the year!

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at

Feel free to contact us at any time at

THANK YOU everyone for making the concessions a great and successful season! Thank you to all the volunteers this season we couldn't have done it without you!

CLICK HERE to get your free food handlers card.

Ky and Michiele Vargas -

If you have a contact at a company that might be interested in sponsoring the Pride, let us know!

CHECK YOUR JUNK MAIL FOR BA BANDS E-MAILS! Please check your Spam or Junk mail folder for emails from any BA Bands email addresses. These include but are not limited to:;;;;; and

If you see any of these emails in your Junk or Spam folder, add the email address for those emails to your contact list. That should ensure you receive future emails correctly. If you wish to be removed from any of these mailing lists, send a message to the appropriate address and ask to be removed.

If you continue to have problems, email James Royal at for help.

Upcoming Dates and Events
Dec 16 - Percussion Ensemble Performance at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago

Dec 20 - Pride Rehearsal / Tentative Parent Preview (Weather Permitting) / Band Parent Meeting
Dec 21 - Pride Rehearsal / Load Semi Trailer for California
Dec 29 - Leave for California!
Jan 13 - HS All District Clinic in Bartlesville
Jan 14 - HS All District Clinic and concert in Bartlesville
Jan 17 - Pride Leadership Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Jan 18-21 - OMEA All State Conference
Jan 27 - HS Concert Band 1
Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Jan 28 - JH All District Auditions
Feb 7 - HS Concert Band 2
Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Feb 9-11 - HS Musical
Feb 10 - HS Symphonic Band 2
Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Feb 14 - HS Symphonic Band 1
Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Feb 17 - HS Wind Ensemble
Basketball Band - 6:15-9:30pm
Feb 18 - JH Solo 7 Ensemble Contest
Feb 21 - Band Parent Meeting
Feb 25 - HS Solo & Ensemble Contest
Feb 27 - Chamber concert - 7pm
Feb 29 - MS Combined Concert at BAPAC - 7:00pm
Mar 6 - Percussion Ensemble Concert
Mar 9 - MS OSSAA Band Contest
Mar 21 - Solo Recital
Mar 23 - TCC Jazz Festival
Mar 27 - FA Band concert - 7pm BAPAC
Mar 28 - HS Band concert - 7pm BAPAC
Mar 30 - TCC Band Festival

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