BA Bands Special Edition eNews - 12/27/16
2017 Rose Parade Trip

It's Time to Smell the Roses!

After nearly a year of preparation, the Rose Parade Trip is finally HERE! In this Special Edition eNews you will find some last minute reminders and important details for the trip. FYI: ALL travel documents are posted on the website under the “Itineraries” link at

Tulsa Airport Dropoff Info:
When you get to the Tulsa Airport, students and luggage will be dropped off at the ARRIVALS level center entrance (just beyond the “American” sign). Do NOT go to the American Airlines ticket counter on the Departures level. Once you arrive at the airport, all passengers must check in with their BUS CHAPERONE, get your pre-printed Luggage tag, and tag your luggage.

Each flight group will proceed as group through the TSA Security Checkpoint. All passengers must have their ID (students UNDER age 18 may use their BA School ID). As a reminder, no drinks or liquids may be taken through the security checkpoint and all shoes and coats must go through the Xray scanners.

As a reminder, you may only have 1 suitcase (to be checked under the plane) and 1 small carry on bag for this trip. Pack wisely and don’t forget any of your uniform parts and proper rehearsal attire.

American Airlines Charter #9456
Arrive at Center Entrance on ARRIVALS level at 5:15am (Note: This is an updated time from previous info)
Depart Tulsa at 7:00am

American Airlines Charter #9457
Arrive at Center Entrance on ARRIVALS level at 6:15am (Note: This is an updated time from previous info)
Depart Tulsa at 8:00am

Pride Performances in California
Friday, Dec 30 - BOA / Community Performance
Long Beach City College - Veteran’s Memorial Stadium
5005 E Lew Davis St
Long Beach, CA 90808
7:30pm Broken Arrow HS Performs
8:00pm Pulaski HS (WI) Performs
8:30pm BOA Honor Band of America Performs
This event is FREE to the public

Saturday, Dec 31 - Tournament of Roses Bandfest (Morning Show)
Pasadena City College - Robinson Stadium
1570 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106
9:00am Arcadia HS (CA)
9:25am Welcome Remarks from the Tournament of Roses
9:30am Pasadena City College
9:55am Salvation Army
10:15am BOA Honor Band
10:35am Foothill HS (NV)
10:35am MLK (GA)
11:15am Broken Arrow HS (OK)
This is a ticketed event and WILL SELL OUT. ARRIVE EARLY to get a seat.

Sunday, Jan 1 - Disneyland Parade
1:20pm Parade Begins at Smallworld and ends on Main Street USA
NOTE: The Pride of Broken Arrow will stop on Main Street USA to do a “Show Stop” mini concert. That’s the best place to view the parade and see the Pride.

Monday, Jan 2 - Tournament of Roses Parade
8:00am Parade Begins
The Pride is #32 our 96 entries.

Pasadena Tournament of Roses Ticket Info
Tickets are available through “Sharp Seating Company” for The Rose Parade and Bandfest. NOTE: Bandfest shows WILL SELL OUT. We encourage our family and friends to purchase their tickets now to assure availability.

Bandfest: The Pride will perform at Bandfest during the Morning show on December 31st. 
CLICK HERE to redirect to the Bandfest (and Rose Parade) ticket service.

Return and Arrival in Tulsa at the end of the trip
Both Flight Groups will arrive at Tulsa International in the “American Airlines” Concourse. You may meet arriving passengers just outside of the security exit doors or at the American Airlines Baggage Claim.

American Airlines Charter #9456
Arrive in Tulsa at 3:05am on Wednesday early morning (1/4)

American Airlines Charter #9457
Arrive in Tulsa at 4:05am on Wednesday early morning (1/4)

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