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 October 17, 2022

-Directors Notes-

St. Louis BOA Super Regional Champion!
Congratulations to the Pride for their outstanding performances at the BOA Super Regional in St. Louis!

The Pride finished in first place and was named the SUPER REGIONAL CHAMPION in the finals competition. In the Finals competition, the Pride also earned awards for Outstanding Music Performance and for Outstanding General Effect. The Pride also did extremely well in the preliminary competition by winning the Class AAAA Championship, Outstanding Music Performance, Outstanding Visual Performance and Outstanding General Effect Awards. Please take a moment to congratulate a Pride member for the amazing efforts this season and continue to encourage them in their quest for performance excellence.

The staff and I could not be prouder of the students for their discipline, behavior, performances and "First Class" attitude. You made us all VERY proud. Next stop is the OSSAA Contest next week on Wednesday in Muskogee at 1:15pm and the OBA State Marching Band Championships on Saturday, October 29 at Broken Arrow High School with the Pride’s preliminary performance at 2:15pm. OBA Finals begin at 7:00pm.

OBA Tickets
It’s time to purchase your OBA Tickets. We have a block reserved for BA. Finals Admission (CENTER SECTION) $20. Use the following link to order your tickets. OBA Tickets

A Special Note of Gratitude
Have you ever stepped back to really watch how the Pride organization operates like a MACHINE at any event? While the students are, without question, the center of all activity and focus (as well they should be!), the volunteer operations that go on “behind the scenes” is nothing short of spectacular! Just take a moment to think about all of the gears that must operate and operate efficiently to make our BA Band Program function so well.

From each of our organizational teams, you have no doubt seen the passion that each of these volunteers exhibit as they work for the good of our students! The list of volunteer positions is extremely extensive, and each are vital to the continued support of our organization. I marvel at the willingness to SERVE from each of our volunteers. From the chaperones, to the uniform and ‘washer parents’, to the concession workers and the fundraising workers, to the Special Events team, to the Marketing and Communications teams, to the fundraising team that aids our mission to help all students participate in the Pride and raise funds to get us to the BOA Championship events in Indianapolis and St Louis, to the Operations team that spend countless hours getting us moved from one place to the next and fabricating the show props, to the Functions efforts of the all the chaperones that serve and help feed our kids there is no end to the list of recognition the we should all honor and show our appreciation to these selfless volunteers! Of course, there are MANY MANY more volunteer positions that are critical for the Pride to operate. I can’t begin to thank the amazing volunteers for their commitment to our students and to our band program. AND, these volunteers seem to be ALWAYS having fun while they’re working! Well Done!! Please join me in applauding their efforts this season!

Want to be more “in the know” and help our amazing students? Volunteer and get involved! Your kids will love it (even if they don’t say so). Reach out to any of our Booster Club officers, ask questions and find a place to get involved. We need additional volunteers in almost every area: Volunteering in the concession stands at games, Uniforms, Pride Store, Marketing, Graphic Design, Operations, etc, etc…

Upcoming Dates and Events
Oct 20 - BA vs Enid – Home Game
Oct 26 -  OSSAA Band Contest – Muskogee
Oct 28 - BA at Jenks – Away Game – All Pride
Oct 29 - OBA State Marching Band Championship – BA
Nov 4 - BA vs Moore – Home Game (Sr Night)
Nov 8 - Send Off Nov 10-12 BOA Grand Nationals
Nov 10-12 - BOA Grand Nationals
Nov 17 - Pride Sounds of the Stadium Concert – BAPAC
Dec 3 - BA Christmas Parade
Dec 12 - FA Band Concert
Dec 13 - HS Band Concert

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